Investment Philosophy

The cornerstone of our investment value proposition is our approach


We understand the business of private equity investing in Africa. The key individuals of the firm have in-depth private equity and mezzanine experience and a superior  understanding of various sectors in Southern African markets.

Alignment of Interest

The firm seeks to achieve alignment with promoters from the time of our initial investment to deliver success, together. We consciously work in a collective manner with management teams to accelerate growth.  We take pride in adding value to investee companies.


Aleyo firmly embraces  and moves at  the necessary speed to take full advantage opportunities for organic growth and expansion, through operational improvements, strategic value-add and best of breed capital structures and mergers and acquisitions.

Creative Approach

The team has a proven ability and experience in being creative and innovative when developing and structuring opportunities.

We continuously conduct research to identify winning investment themes and value chain opportunities.